can’t wait!

Amazing trailer and I have to say, Angelina Jolie makes the PERFECT disney villain. 


Today marks the day I not only got to watch a demonstration by Michael Grimaldi but got up the courage to speak to him! Whooo! Yay me!

dreams really do come true.

Hello followers and anyone who may or may not be reading this (hah), I just wanted to write a post regarding the GREATEST moment in my life thus far and that is: I GOT INTO JOHNS HOPKINS!!!

I found out yesterday afternoon around 3:30PM and it came as a COMPLETE surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO thankful and beyond ecstatic (is that possible?!). Although I still have a couple months of Anatomy & Physiology left to finish at Hunter (and exams EVERY week this month of March), I can’t help but feel… relaxed?

The past few years (undergraduate years included) I’ve been so stressed trying to figure out my passion. Children’s book illustration, storyboard art, animation, graphic design… and a year out of college working I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Deciding to go back to school was hard to explain, but I was determined to get it right the second time around.

Now after 3 years of trying to catch up I can finally say that starting August 4, I will officially be enrolled at the Johns Hopkins’ Art as Applied to Medicine program as their Class of 2016!!!


only video i could find of kristen bell singing!!!


Charlie Bink


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Art by Lois van Baarle.

Art by Lois van Baarle.

the bark side

Art by Dave Cooper.

Art by Adrien Patout.

Art by Adrien Patout.

Art by Raphaelle Peale.